Real Estate and Site Selection


Location, Location, Location


To this day this age-old mantra holds true, and is one of the most important variables in the formula to owning a successful Hansel ‘n Griddle. Below are some guidelines aimed to help you in your search for franchise locations. While we can never guarantee your success, we will advise and assist you in choosing a location we feel works well for our business model.  


  • Location should be in or near a densely populated area. College towns are ideal target markets. Areas with large town centers, vast central business districts, retail areas with heavy traffic, strip malls on commuter highways, urban centers, local main streets are also good areas for Hansel ‘n Griddle restaurants


  • End cap, pad site, first floor commercial with basement or standalone building.


  • 1,800 to 3,000 square feet with 2,500 square feet being ideal


  • Ample parking is preferred with easy access for customers, but not required.  The minimum amount of parking required is for your delivery driver.


  • National or well-known regional food and retail co-tenants preferred where applicable


  • Outdoor seating were available is preferred


  • Five-year lease with a five-year option is the minimum lease term allowed.  A five-year initial lease term with three five-year options is preferred


  • Electrical – 200 amp, 120/240 3 phase minimum electrical service


  • HVAC – 1 ton per 150-200 square feet


  • Gas – 1 1/2” minimum line from meter into site


  • Ceilings – 11’ minimum


  • Exhaust Hood – 12’ long minimum




Real Estate Brokers


If you have a listing that you think fits our criteria please email the site location marketing material to