My name is Nicholas Komandis, the owner of Hansel ‘n Griddle. I own and operate the original Hansel, located in New Brunswick, New Jersey, just off campus from Rutgers University, as well as HNG Franchising, the corporate entity that owns and operates the franchising wing of Hansel ‘n Griddle.   From the beginning I have known that Hansel was something special.


Hansel ’n Griddle is, at heart, a family business, a “mom and pop shop”… literally.  I bought Hansel in 2004 with a loan from my parents. When I first started out, my mom worked the customer counter and my dad and roommates took the food deliveries. While my parents no longer “work” at the store, and my roommates went on to get “real” jobs, my mother still leaves her mark with her home-made soup recipes, which have other the years amassed a near-cult following from our customers. And my former roommates are still some of my most loyal customers. But beyond my parents and friends, Hansel’s employees are also part of the family and together we have grown through the years.  Not only do I still employ the very first cook I ever hired, but his daughter, who grew up visiting as a child, also now works for the company. All our franchise locations are owned by former Hansel employees, who became managers and eventually expanded the Hansel family by opening their own stores. Since 2013, with their help, we have grown from a single store to five locations. Throughout this time, we have maintained our commitment to our customers to provide excellent food, quality service in a warm and friendly environment. This has perpetuated what I have always felt was one of the keys to our success. The “mom and pop shop” feeling.  Owner operated locations creating a restaurant that is cared for and personal, where customers have daily interaction with the owners themselves.  Our customers know we, the owners, are there every day, and more importantly that we care about them.


I attribute Hansel’s growth and success not only to the dedication of our employees, franchise owners and the loyalty of our customers, but to the company’s continued ability to adapt to changing landscapes, both from a culinary and a cultural perspective. Hansel’s menu, in the beginning, was very simple. It was essentially a “wraps” restaurant, which 12 years ago was what was on trend.  Items, such as our home made burgers, fresh wings, and unique paninis were only offered as “Daily Specials.”  Today, we have expanded to the likes and dislikes of our customers, and wraps have become a much smaller segment of our menu. Recently, I heard Hansel described as a millennial’s diner, serving breakfast all day, and changing with the times. Not only has Hansel’s menu changed over the years, but also the way we provide our food to our customers, both through our unique catering options and extremely fast and efficient delivery. Hansel’s ability to continually to meet the needs of customers and changing times has established us as a community staple and a favorite destination for our customers.  


Despite our continued success, we are not slowing down.  We are actively looking to ramp up owner operated franchises and are continually growing and adding more friends and customers into the Hansel family. I look forward to welcoming you.


Best Regards,

Nick Komandis


Hansel 'n Griddle and HNG Franchising LLC