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It’s been almost ten years now since I started in what used to be this little thing called Hansel 'n Griddle. It was a simple plan: make your customers happy by making fresh food, cooked to order, using quality ingredients at a good price. I had just finished my five year plan, like so many of us at Rutgers do, and during my first year of owning Hansel I was still living with three college friends, who were still enrolled at Rutgers, at 22 Courtlandt. Hansel was the little store you see below and my entire staff consisted of my mom, a cook, and three friends. My amazing mother worked the cash register 7 days a week for free. She worked the day shift while I would take deliveries. At night I would be on the register and my delivery driver was whichever of my three roommates didn't have class or an exam. I had one cook, Delfino, who worked tirelessly seven days a week, open till close. In the nearly ten years since then, I have been blessed with the greatest coworkers and the most amazing customers. Combined, they are the reason that Hansel is what it is today. So many of them truly feel what I feel about Hansel; that it is something special. It is something different. For so many it is not just a place to get food, but part of your daily life and college experience at Rutgers. While a lot has changed since then, so much has remained the same. The plan is still simple: make the customer happy with fresh food, cooked to order, using quality ingredients at a good price. I still live at Rutgers two blocks from Courtlandt, Mom still comes in every morning to bring homemade soups, my employees may not be my roommates, but they are who I consider my friends, and Delfino, the same cook from day one, is still in the kitchen cooking the food everyone loves. Luckily for him, not seven days a week anymore. As this year comes to an end, and so many of my employees and customers are graduating and leaving, I just personally wanted to thank everyone who has helped make Hansel such a great place. Below is a blog post by Eric Hammer, a loyal customer of Hansel ‘n Griddle. It is the greatest description of what Hansel is that I have ever heard or read. It is customers and employees like Eric that I am truly fortunate to have.

Thank You and Good Luck.

Nick Komandis – Owner, Hansel ‘n Griddle.

Rutgers Memory: Hansel And Griddle
Eric Hammer

"No explanation needed. Number one in my favorites on my phone, and that will not change anytime soon. It all started at my days at AEPi and the 15 second walk to pick up food. We’ve come a long way since then. I’m gonna miss saying “Can I place an order for pickup?” I’m gonna miss double-bagging the free pickles. I’m gonna miss my popcorn buffalo chicken crisps on wheat with no tomatoes..."