Frequently Asked Questions


How can I own a Hansel ‘n Griddle?


We are looking for highly qualified individuals to open Hansel ‘n Griddle franchises. There are lots of key factors that we look for in our franchisees. Being financially qualified, business savvy, hardworking, honest, and love Hansel ‘n Griddle are a few of the most important qualities our franchisees must embody. If you fit into these criteria, the first step is click here, fill out our questionnaire and request more information. If you have what it takes, we will contact you to discuss the opportunity further.



How much money do I need?


While the total cost of opening each Hansel n’ Griddle unit varies based on a variety of factors, we require franchisees to have a minimum of $100,000 liquid net worth and a total net worth of $300,000. Financing is to be secured through third-party lenders. We require that the investment involved in opening a Hansel ‘n Griddle comes from franchisees to ensure that the owner has a vested interest in the success of the store.



How much money can I make owning a Hansel ‘n Griddle franchise?


HNG Franchising LLC, the corporate entity and owner of the Hansel ‘n Griddle franchise system is restricted and bound by the Federal Trade Commission and multiple state franchise regulations from estimating profits or speculating on your financial success. Our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), as regulated by the FTC, provides individual stores’ sales figures, and can be obtained by completing the “Request for Information” form and our Director of Franchise Development qualifying you as a potential franchisee. You can, and are encouraged to talk to our existing franchisees. Reach out to them, visit their stores, meet them and ask them any questions you have. They are not bound by the same restrictions and therefore can answer more of your questions. All of their contact information can be found in the FDD.



How long does it take to open a Hansel ‘n Griddle?


There are many factors that play large parts in how long it takes to build and open a Hansel ‘n Griddle, and every location is different. Securing the location, the build out, management and staff training are all major factors, to name a few. An estimate is 6-8 months from the day you sign the franchise agreement until the day you open. It has been done in less time, and it could take more, but that is a good starting point.



How is a Hansel n’ Griddle franchisee trained?


All franchisees are trained directly by Nick Komandis the owner of Hansel ‘n Griddle along with the management team and kitchen staff at the company owned (New Brunswick) location for a minimum of 2 weeks.  We believe the best way to train our franchisees is directly from the people who know the system the best. Franchisees will be trained in a Hansel n’ Griddle kitchen by Hansel n’ Griddle chefs, all of which have worked at Hansel ‘n Griddle for a minimum of seven years, one being the first chef ever hired who has been with the company for twelve years.

Consistency is one of the most important parts of successful franchise system. We encourage you and your staff to train at the New Brunswick location longer than two weeks if you feel it is necessary. The training will be intense and consist of both back of the house classroom and hands on kitchen time.

For the opening of your restaurant, we will also provide you with two Hansel ‘n Griddle employees for the first seven days you are open. One will be a front of house manager and the other will be one of the head chefs, both which you will meet during the training period. Additionally, the owner and other key corporate management team members will also be present as much as possible during the first week of operation to ensure that the tr

Being that Hansel ‘n Griddle is still a small franchise, it is extremely important for every new location that opens to flourish and succeed. This is the driving factor behind our rigorous training program and compels us to be involved in every aspect of opening new franchised locations. At Hansel ‘n Griddle we are like a family, and therefore treat our franchisees as such.



Does every Hansel ‘n Griddle location have food delivery?


Yes, every Hansel ‘n Griddle location offers delivery. A large part of our business model is based around offering fast and efficient delivery and because we are so good at it, delivery is a large percentage of every location’s revenue. Our POS system has been designed around it and we have an app that sinks with both our POS system and our delivery driver’s phones. The app provides our customers with real-time, GPS tracking and provides our drivers with maps and directions to each order making the process as streamlined as possible. Our to-go packaging is designed to transport the food in a way that keeps it as close to how it is when eaten in the store as possible. We even have custom-made delivery bags that we provide franchisees, specifically designed around the food we sell and the packaging we use. Since so much of our business depends on delivery we consider ourselves experts in it!